In Character Onboarding for Chronicle Larps

February 15, 2021

Nobody knows what’s going to happen night-to-night in a chronicle larp, not even the storytellers. We try to guess, and we’re generally pretty good at it. But how do you prepare a new player for their very first game of anything goes? You can’t download your experience with a rule system, setting, and playerbase into someone’s head. Hell, most of the time people show up because they want to play with their friends, and if they’ve managed to pick up a fraction of setting or system knowledge ahead of time, you’re lucky. The only thing you can depend on is that a player will be at game, by the very definition of player. So, let’s do the obvious thing. To teach players how to understand a game that can’t be digested in one sitting, let’s teach them during the game. Ideally, we want to do it fast enough that they can play without being distracted by uncertainty. And to do it well, we have to do it intentionally.

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