Crimes of the Sky and Otherwise: a Royal Blood Hack

Crimes of the Sky and Otherwise Cover
Crimes of the Sky and Otherwise is a hack of Grant Howitt’s Royal Blood using the Secret Histories setting. It’s built for three to five players and a gamemaster to tell stories about the sorcerous Long and their many ambitions. Specifically, it’s a heist game.

If you speak Cultist Simulator, Crimes of the Sky is set post-minor-victory and post-major-victory, a game for characters who have ascended and then some. It’s a game of Bird and Worm with minimal rules, nothing to hold back whatever schemes and powers you might imagine for factions of immortal adepts warring over the future of the Mansus. And as for how that future might be controlled, well… those of you who’ve ascended, know. The Law goes back all the way to Stone: the Keys cannot be held or owned. Those who break the laws, hold the keys. And though the keys may not be owned, they can certainly be stolen. To play, you will need one deck of Tarot cards and at least six tokens per player (plus a few more for the gamemaster). Good luck going up against the Ligeians. You’ll need it.

This game is published under both Weather Factory’s Sixth History community license and Rowan, Rook, and Decard’s community license.

I was lucky enough to find three playtesters who’d made it all the way to Apostle to try this game out with me. In the finest Cultist Simulator tradition, I’ve gone heavy on the lore and don’t explain jack shit, so even those paragons needed some assistance as we went. If you want to try a key heist for yourself, but don’t have an absolutely lore-obsessed game writer around and are therefore feeling a little lost, you may find this wiki helpful. Enjoy!

Download "Crimes of the Sky and Otherwise"

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