Fiasco Playset: Planescape

The City of Doors Fiasco Playset Cover
I love Fiasco for spinning up quick games and skipping the mechanics, and I can’t count how many times I’ve wanted to introduce some friends to the Planescape Campagin Setting, only to be put off by the amount of time involved. So I’ve put together this playset with a good dose of everything I love about the setting and no need for complicated 5e conversions or reviewing old rules. Just roll some d6s and go straight to faction drama, cross-planar heists, and unwise decisions regarding the Lady of Pain.

This playset comes with a brief guide to some of the specific items for those who have never been to Sigil before or those who have mysteriously lost their memory in their current reinacarnation.

Download “The City of Doors” Fiasco Playset

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