200 Word RPG Contest Entry: The Orpheus Trail

The road to Hell is paved with the bodies and possessions of the settlers who went ahead of you. Rumor says the colonists of the first circle of Hell mine rare minerals and grow rich off strange soul-powered sciences. Meanwhile Earth swelters, overcrowded and suffering. How different could it be?

Three types of people take the risk: SINNERS, SCIENTISTS, and SECURITY.

SINNERS shorten the road to Hell by SINNING. SCIENTISTS and SECURITY can FIGHT DEMONS, PERFORM TECHNOMAGIC, and LOOT NEARBY RUINS, but they are at the mercy of the SINNERS for travel.

The colonist caravan will not reach the first circle of Hell until the characters have performed all seven mortal sins: GLUTTONY, LUST, GREED, PRIDE, WRATH, ENVY, and SLOTH.

SINNERS may teach other characters to SIN, but by doing so they surrender their power over the caravan. Many SINNERS are press-ganged, unwillingly recruited from prison. Extort your fellow colonists for the best chance at a new life! Or teach them what you know in exchange for TECHNOMAGIC and SAFE HAVEN.

Establish character relationships. Take turns starting scenes. Survive demon attacks, ford rivers of blood or pay the ferryman, and gaze on the ruined wonders of the afterlife. Adventure awaits!

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